Saturday, 31 October 2009

Eight and a half months...

It's November tomorrow, I wonder where the year went?? I suspect a small boy ate it!

Just thought I would update with some more Ot-chievements. I'm liking eight months as an age, though it's strangely grown-up-yet-still-tiny. Before I had a baby eight months seemed very old (nine months still does!), and while Otto can do a freakish number of things for someone who was a moderately sized bump this time last year, he is still very little indeed. I can't contemplate leaving him for more than an hour or two...sometimes it feels a bit restrictive, but mostly it feels just right. If he needs me, he needs me. I've had, and will have, plenty of time to indulge my own wants. A bit of sacrifice is doing me good!

Anyway, life achievements for Baby Bean. He now says Mama and Daddy. He tends to say Daddy in conversation and Mama at times of crisis! He says Daddy to the phone, regardless of who is on the other end (or indeed if it's connected at all!) which is very cute. Granny is also convinced that he says Quack if you give him a rubber duck, but I'm a bit skeptical (sorry mum!).

His walking (holding on to a parent for now!) is really coming on, and he can stand unaided for a second or two. He can squirm for toys on his front, and he seems fairly content with that. All his progress is definitely on the walking side rather than crawling - much like Daddy was apparently (and nothing like Mummy who didn't bother walking til 18 months...not that I crawled either!).

Ottie's pointy finger is still very much a feature of who he is. Anything new is probed with his outstretched index finger (often his left, though he seems fairly ambidextrous). It is very sweet, and he takes such an interest in texture as he has since he was very small. There certainly doesn't seem to be any problem with his eyesight as he can spot the smallest crumb or mark to poke and explore...woe betide if you "miss a bit" when cleaning! His pincer grp is also pretty good, he can pop individual rice crispies into his mouth without too much trouble. He still hasn't tried dairy or egg, though I have a feeling his excema might be getting better (in that I don't recall noticing it for a week or two!). Otherwise he seems fine with food, he enjoys it and is still eating a fair amount. He drinks from an open cup too which I'm pleased about as I didn't ever want to have to use a bottle, and I'm all for skipping baby-faff!

We've just spent a few days on holiday in Shropshire and had a lovely time (though O takes a long time to get used to a new bed!). I'm really enjoying being at a stage where he is actually able to enjoy things outside of his immediate surroundings. He is lovely company too, generally very placid and serene and very smiley. Making him giggle takes a lot of effort and plenty of tickles on the whole though!

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  1. Oh isn't he doing well?!! I love the pointy finger thing! And I really get the "not leaving them" thing. Arthur's nearly 5 and this week was the first time I think I've ever taken him somewhere and left him! It was a half-term club 2-4pm run by our church. He goes to Sunday school without us and we've gone out to appts while someone is here at home looking after the boys, but never away from home without us. I like my little ones close, and I think it does them a world of good early on. :) Sounds like your baby boy is thriving with mummy close by! xxx